show them your heart.

I have no reason to feel ashamed.

I feel it bursting from my chest,
like maybe I’ve seen in a movie once.

that great light, as some form of redemption.

yes! I exclaim. All the time now.
because I want people to know they are right.
or at least affirm them in their great revelation.

or small victory.

all of which, deserve recognition.

sometimes, that’s all I need from someone.
is for them to listen, and say, yes!

my pain has run deep, like some vessel running through an old mountain
I search deeply, exposing it, mining it, exploring discoveries, both new and old.

there are things deep inside of you that you never knew existed
a great light and a great capacity to love another;
even when you resist it, you are a good person.

you are a healer, of sorts.

though you don’t see it now.
and sometimes you can’t, if you stay within the confines of safety.

if you wrap up your heart for no one to see,
no one will know.

so I tell you, show them your heart!
it is a renewable source of energy, that beating thing.

you can give, and give some more.
let it rest, and the next day, it is new again.

fresh and ready to beat for someone who needs it.
most importantly, you.


do not hide your love.
if I could say one thing, it would be that.

let it have no boundaries but the confinement of your chest,
but only physically, you see?

your heart is as big and you want it to be.

and be fierce. cover it, if you need to.
but not for long. it’s a beauty of a thing.

to be honest, we need more of it.

we need more of you,
dear ones.

we need you.


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