A few lil’ bits

At first, this blog was about food.
(and it still is, sort of…)

It was about how food relates to our lives – be it region or ritual or your momma’s red beans and rice.

It was about my journey as a Mississippi boy who moved to Portland and fell in love with real food and real characters.

And then it became so much more.

Here, I still talk about food, life in the industry as a cook and how it is intertwined into the fabric of my own little world.

It has become a place where I rest my heels on the things that flow in and out of that same little world.

A place where my voice is heard, and a place where I hear yours.

A place where I struggle and ask for wisdom on things I’m not sure I’m even supposed to know yet.

A place that fits me. That is comfortable and forgiving and big.

But also small enough for a cozy poem or two.

I refer to my belly as a place of movement. Where I can feel deep down the changing of seasons and the shifting of thought.

This place is Southern Belly.

And I’m glad you’re here.


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