to my dad on his birthday

I am thankful for my dad.

It has surely been a long road for the both of us.

But hear me out when I say:

thank you.

I can’t say any of this has been easy. But this very week, you sent me Camellia Red Beans and small batch “extra hot” Crystal hot sauce, because you know I love it and it makes me feel closer to home.

Because you’ve been teaching me some things these past few months that have saved me from going crazy.

Whether that’s your own house cured meats and homemade white dog. ‘Tis a cure for all ailments.

But, what I want to say, is that I am happy to see you so well. I am happy to hear your voice sound good and strong, after a long time of questions and big horizons. (Granted, we will always have them.)

I am happy you are using your hands to create. (Something we all get to benefit from.)

I love that you love what I’m doing.

That’s so important to me.

It always has been.

But thank you for saying it out loud and telling me how proud you are of me.

In retrospect, I am proud of you too. For reaching out when I’ve been hurting so badly, and sending help when things inevitably fell to pieces.

There will be a time to reflect on sadness, but it won’t be today. And it might look different twenty years from now. I suppose all things will.

Just know, that I am thankful for your love.

I am thankful that you keep trying, and that what you love most, are the things you have created and take care of, including me.


happy birthday, pops.

wish I could be there to eat some oysters and a hot link poboy with gravy and drink an ice cold bottle of Barq’s.



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