On Being Healthy

I think about all the food I’ve consumed throughout my life — the fast food, soda, chips, home-cooked and sit down meals — and realize that we do, inevitably, become what we eat.

I realize that even in my head, my best memories are of good food. I don’t think I’ll ever sit down and say, “You know, that time I (almost literally) forced my Mom to get me McDonalds?” Sorry mom. I know I was stubborn for beans and rice. Look at me now, though, eh??

Part of my journey to becoming a healthier person is to realize where I’ve come from.

I think food is emotional. Actually, I don’t think it is.

I know it is.

I also know people emotionally eat. (Which is usually not a good thing.) Mostly, food reminds us most of our childhoods. Maybe even more so than the smell of cut grass or the inside of a baseball glove.

In a sense, I’m creating something new within myself. Like the way tomatoes taste in the summer time. Or eating outside with the sun upon our faces. That will remind me of Oregon. I know this deep down.

Or when I visit home and sip my Mom’s tea out of my favorite pitcher and eat her sweets that line the counter. It’s like slipping into a warm bed. (A place where sweets are usually NOT to be consumed…though we’ve found evidence as of late!)

I’m creating a healthier me. Correlating healthy food experiences to my healthier being. Remembering how good those vegetables tasted and why losing weight is so fulfilling. I feel as though I’m slipping into the body I’m supposed to be. I don’t think I was built to be skinny. I’m a big guy and will always carry that with me. But I can change and adapt to what my body needs.

And right now, that’s good emotions. Good relationships. That with people and food. And it just so happens I’m working on both of those things daily…which given an entire lifetime just might be enough time to pass it along to others.

Happiness is most real when it is shared.
It is given to our children and at some point, their own.

What we eat passes on through our bones and throughout eternity.

It’s time to make that choice.

To be better.

One day at a time.

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