the business of pleasure.

I’m in the business of pleasure.

I give you things that make you happy. Well, for those who read this, it’s probably not personal. For the people I serve at work and elsewhere…this is more so about you.

I like doing what I do. I think people would get out of this business if they didn’t. No, the human body was not meant to stand up for eight hours a day, but we do it because it’s a job and most likely, we’re just used to it by now. (Nurses, cashiers, cooks, moms and dads, teachers, wedding photographers *cough* — y’all know what I mean.)

Now, not everyone enjoys such aspects of the industry. There are the dishes and the sweeping. The mopping and the emptying. The dishes and the dishes…ah, and more dishes. But we do it because we find joy in the immediate affirmation of such a thing. When a person says, “Thankyou…that was excellent!”, it feels you up. Granted not many say this, but for those of you who do, we really appreciate it.

We are often correlated with “the maker of something good”. When you bring food and drink to people, they generally like you. At least I’d like to think so. We are a food source. A beacon of sustenance. A decent smile.

We are — at times — a warm hug.

And I don’t say this out of a pride that leaves me feeling “like…awesome”, but with the feeling that we do something right. You’ve figured out by now that I care about making your coffee taste good. Because of this, you smile and maybe give me a good tip. Which, does make a huge difference in our approach to making your product and serving it to you.

We facilitate aesthetic.

We turn the music down when it’s too loud and change it with the shades of the sun [and conversation].

We’re here to give you want you want in hopes that you’ll come back again and again. We’ll remember what you like and maybe give you a little something extra. Because, in the most humblest sense of this thing we do, we do it for you.

And tomorrow, we’ll do it again. (Or at least we’ll try.)

Because at the end of the day, we made you happy…

           ….and that makes all the difference.


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