>farmer’s market!

>Oh yes.
Portland in the summertime, though the way we’ve been having overcast and “cooler-than-usual” weather, it wouldn’t seem like it.
But, regardless of the temperature, the local farmer’s markets are alive and well. Around our neck of the woods, they happen every Sunday. We make sure we’re around so we can take advantage of the goodies brought to us from local farms and co-ops.

When the sun is out, you can smell it from a few blocks away – the basil and other herbs warming in the sun…the sound of people conversing on which stand to buy tomatoes from and as always, some folk guitarist singin’ and strummin’.
It is what Portland thrives on in the summertime.
It’s our time to indulge in the best tasting and most fresh produce of the year.
Direct trade from farmer to consumer.

It generally is not cheap, but it’s not really supposed to be. In order for our farmer’s to make a living, they deserve to charge what they charge. They work hard so we can cook and eat. It is our honor to pay them fair prices for their hard labor and worries.
From what I hear, the produce this year has suffered because of odd weather patterns in the PNW — so our hearts go out to the farmers who suffered their usual plentiful yields and our hope is that we can take care of them somehow.

My wife and I went this past Sunday and picked up some beautiful and tasty goods. Here are a few pictures but please, don’t get too jealous. 🙂

I always feel a great sadness as the markets come to a close and we are left to hunker down for the colder season. It is how the world works, though. It is worth it for me to not eat something all year until I know it’s just right.
Once you’ve tasted the way a certain fruit or veggie tastes in its prime, it’s really hard to ever want to it again until its season comes. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

We generally try to buy some meat from farmer’s markets, but this past weekend our funds were not as sufficient, so maybe next time. They offer lots and lots of free ranged animals – granted, they are pricey, but for the peace of mind, it is worth it and as always, tastes so much better.

I encourage you, if you have markets in your area, to HIT. THAT. UP.

Support your local economy, and they will support you. It’s as simple as that.

Fresh food.
Happy belly.
Good times.


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